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It is the vision of the Park Law Enforcement Association to become the pre-eminent source for training and best practices for those engaged in park law enforcement nation-wide and to be the recognized national leader in efforts to deliver unique customer services while fostering a safe and welcoming recreational experience in park environments.


It is the mission of the Park Law Enforcement Association to provide elite training to the field of park law enforcement supervisors and provide a national forum for the exchange of ideas and programs so that all members are apprised of best practices to keep staff and guests safe. 

Memorandum regarding training:
PLEA is committed to providing meaningful and relevant national training to any organization seeking best practices in park law enforcement or ranger activities. The following curricula has been reviewed and selected by the PLEA Board of Directors at its 2012 annual meeting. Instructors are subject matter experts (SME) in their respective discipline and have instructed at state, regional or national forums. Several instructors also teach at various state colleges and universities. All possess credentials related to their discipline. 

Cost has been kept low to allow for greater numbers of students to attend. Each 8 hour course is instructed by up to two faculty instructors and a 16 hour course is taught by up to three faculty instructors. An agency who contracts with PLEA to bring training to their agency can send as many students to the training for the listed cost up to stated maximum class size limits. 

Since PLEA is a national association, there is a moderate likelihood that a credentialed instructor may live within a 350 mile radius of the training site. In these locales, PLEA will pay for the instructor(s) travel, per diem and lodging. For distances beyond 350 miles, the contracting agency will be required to pay for travel, per diem and lodging. Neighboring agencies are encouraged to pool their financial resources to reduce their individual training expenses.

PLEA does provide training scholarships in certain situations which may help with travel or related training costs.  Contact the Executive Director for special requests.

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